Before you ask if X size tire can fit...

The largest tire size you can fit with *no modification* is 265/70/17. If you're willing to make some adjustments, the largest tire you can fit with *no lift* is 285/70/17. This will require a body mount chop and fender liner massaging with heat gun and maybe a knife.

Max spare tire size in stock location is about 32“ at stock ride height. With taller rear lift it might be possible to fit larger spare since the axle would move forward. It still not a good idea with out running extended bump stop since it might be hitting the spare during full compression.

Wheel & Tire Database

Because every wheel and tire combination is different, this is a listing of combinations that the community has tried and reported feedback.

Tire Size Tire Make/Model Wheel Size Wheel Offset Wheel Make/Model Fitment Notes Reported By
235/85/17 Cooper AT3 17×7.5 25 GX470 OEM Added a 1.25” wheel spacer. Kyle Fogle
255/75/17 Cooper AT3 17×7.5 15 FJ 8-hole No rubbing on or off-road 1.75“ lift (Toytec 5100 and tricked rear air bags). Running boards trimmed GXMac
255/75R17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (P) 17×8 0 FN F(x) Pro Rubbed on the steps at stock height, appears to barely contact fender liner. Rubs body mount in reverse (~2” lift). Chopped body mount, occasionally rubs rear fender liner (probably fixable with more caster). Josh Lee
255/75/17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (P) 17×8 0 FN FX Pro Trim Running board and fender liner Josh Lee
255/75/17 BFG MT T/A KM 17×7.5 30 Factory No fitment issues, loosen front fender liner bolt, pull forward and tighten bolt Dan Nguyen
265/70/17 BFG AT KO2 17×7 +4 TRD Pro PTR20-35110-GR Minor rubbing in front, fender trimming seems to have taken care of that. D Gilbert
265/70/17 BFG AT KO2 17×7.5 30 Factory No fitment issues. No rubbing. Truck rides much better than stock Mike Johnson
265/70/17 Falken AT3W 17×7.5 30 Factory No Rubbing that I have noticed. Completely stock suspension. Travis Prather
265/70/17 Falken AT3W 17×7.5 12 17 4Runner SR5 OEM “Little rubbing on inside passenger fender liner at full turn. Used heat gun and pushed it back a little and no more rub. Completely stock suspension”
265/70/17 TOYO ATII C Rated 17×7.5 15 17 4Runner OEM 2“ Strut Spacer front, air bag trick rear. Slight rubbing so I trimmed part of the liner and front bumper plastic. Micah Platt
265/70/17 Dueler 17×7.5 15 4Runner Trail OEM No issues rubbing Chris Vandivere
265/70/17 Falken AT3W 17×7.5 12 17 4Runner SR5 No rubbing on stock suspension. Now lifted with Dobinsons, still no rubbing. Eric McClanahan
255/80R17 Cooper ST MAXX - E-Rated 17×7.5 30 Factory No fitment issues. Need wider wheels with negative offset to counteract the skinny tires I'm running. Something wider with a negative offset would be optimal.
255/80/17 Cooper ST Maxx 17×8.5 -10 SCS F5 To fit AT ALL on stock suspension (with factory alignment) I had cut the running boards, and unscrew/push the fender liner forward. To fit with zero rubbing in daily driving I had to trim the fender liner (the front) substantially, and hammer the pinch weld flat. Still rubs offroad quite a bit on bumper/fender liner. Alex Wilson
255/80/17 Cooper ST Maxx 17×8 0 FN FX Pro 4.5 Back Spacing. Minor rubbing in front while turning. Worse while in reverse. Haven't had a chance to trim the fender liner yet. Not sure how much rubbing at flex yet. Jeffrey Chase
255/80/17 Toyo Open Country II E-Rated 17×7. 5 +25 OEM GX470 1.5” leveling spacer with Wheelers Off Road bump stop, 3/8“ bump stop spacer, Strutmaster coil conversion. No running boards, front fender liner moved forward, lower control arm adjisted to move front wheel about 3/8”-1/2“forward, no rubbing on or off road. Jstawgn
285/70/17 Cooper ST MAXX(current) - BFG KM2 - Nitto Terra Grappler 17×7.5 15 OEM Toyota FJ Cruiser 6 spoke machined face fits perfectly slightly more aggressive offset looks amazing and factory Lexus center caps work with these wheels as well
285/70/17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (D) 17×7.5 15 4Runner Trail OEM 2.5” bilsten 6112, stock UCA. Lots of rubbing on the fender liner, limited on the UCA at full lock - Removed running boards - would have rubbed there to. Trimmed the liner extensively. Chris Vandivere
285/70/17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs 17×7.5 15 4Runner Trail OEM With the JBA UCA significant UCA rubbing. Going to have to go to a rim with a 4.5“ backspacing or less Chris Vandivere
285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 17×8.5 0 Method Racing NV (MR305) MR wheels with 4.75” backspacing. 3“ of suspension lift w/ SPC light racing uppers (did not have to max caster). Required trimming of plastic liner + very close body mount chop. Rubs on edge of BM and seams under heavy compression. No fitment problems with stock front bumper and/or Metal Tech “Goblin.” Jack Borie
285/70/17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (P) 17×8.5 -10 SCS Ray 10 4.3 Back Spacing. BMC, front bumper and fender liner trimming Dan Nguyen
285/70/17 BFG AT KO 17×9 -12 MB Wheels 352 Bliestein 6112 coilovers (for FJ Cruiser) and Total Chaos UCAs in front. OEM rear airbags with 1” spacer. It's between a 2.5“ and 3” lift overall. Tires rubbed a little in fender liner, so I cut a little piece of the liner and now they are fine even offroading. Tires still rub on frame, but only on full turn when making a u-turn or backing in/out of a tight spot. HomersCanyonero
285/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grappler C-Rated 17×7.5 +15 Toyota FJ 8 Hole, powder coated black 2.5 inch Dobinson Gas Strut lift. Dobinson UCA's. SSO Conversion kit w/ upper isolators. Firestone ride rite helper bags. No trimming, no BMC, No Spacers Pedro Jané
285/70/17 Toyo Open Country ATII 17×9 -6 Pro Comp Proxy 5045 2“ OME lift John Sear
255/75R17 Cooper Discoverer A/T3 17×8 0 FN f(x) Pro Fits fine with stock suspension. I've only seen slight rubbing on the fender linders but nothing I can hear or notice while driving. Have not taken it offroad yet though. TJ Dong
35/12.5/17 Nitto Ridge Grappler 17×8 0 Method Basic 2.5” icon extended travel front lift with front and rear fender cuts, bmc, lots of sheet metal hammering, cut wings on an iron man bumper, trimmed sliders, etc. MT LT rear. Massive modification required but it is low and flex! Dan Kunz
275/65/17 BFG KO2 17×8 0 FN Wheels FxPro GX460, slight rub on head bolt on the fender liner at full turn while going over a bump. Stock suspension
34×10.50R17 BFG AT KO2 17×8.5 -10 Method Double Standard Method wheels with 4.5“ BS. Had to trim the Iron Man (ARB would be the same) and the inner lips on my fenders. BMC, seams hammered flat. Dan Kunz
35/12.5/17 Maxxis Trepador (Non Radial) 17×8.5 -3 Walker Evan Beadlocks 4.5 Back Spacing. BMC, front bumper and fender liner trimming. Toyota Break Cut to clear caliper Josh Backes
35/12.5/17 Maxxis Razr 17×8.5 -3 Walker Evan Beadlocks 4.5 Back Spacing. BMC, front bumper and fender liner trimming. Toyota Break Cut to clear caliper Josh Backes
35/12.5/17 BFG AT KO2 17×8.5 -3 SCS Stealth 6 4.3 Back Spacing. BMC, front bumper and fender liner trimming Jonathan Kvamme
35/12.5/17 BFG AT KO2 17×8.5 -3 Walker Evan Beadlocks 4.3 Back Spacing. BMC, front bumper and fender liner trimming Jonathan Kvamme
305/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grappler 17×8.5 0 Method NV Fit fine w BMC and previous trimming (SPC's set at approx 5* caster) Jack Borie
275/70/17 BFG AT KO2 17×8.5 -10 SCS Stealh 6 2” Lift. Remove Running boards. No rubbing. Paul Morillo
35×12.5R17 Maxxis Trepador (Non Radial) 17×9 -12 Fuel Beast beadlocked by OMF 5 inches of suspension lift with full +2“ width long travel Total Chaos/Radflo system. Body mount cut and rewelded all the way to rubber body spacer. Body seams hammered, massaged, and re welded in some cases. No clearance issues with SSO front bumper. Kevin Berthelot
255/70r18 Hankook Dynapro ATM 18×7.5 30 Factory No rubbing, ride is great
295x70R18 Cooper Discoverer STT Pro M/T 18×9 -12 Method Roost Clears with 4.5” of lift (suspension and body lift). Body mounts need to be cut back. Ryan Grau
33×12.5R20 Toyo Open Country M/T 20×9 +18 Ultra Goliath I had to use a 1.5“ wheel spacer with a +18 offset. With a 2.5” spacer lift I had to trim the factory front bumper and cut the fender liner. Body mounts need to be cut back. Ryan Grau
265/65/17 Nokian Rotiiva AT 17×7.5 30 OEM GX470 GX470 Stock backspacing is 125 mm No fitment issues. No rubbing. Lee K. Shuster
265/70/17 Falken AT3W E 17×7.0 15 Toyota factory p/n 42611-35520 (4Runner, 6-spoke, all silver) Note that newer Toyota factory 4Runner wheels are .5” in narrower and have 15 mm less Offset compared to stock GX470 wheels. Consequently, stance (outward poke of tire) is increased by about 15 mm, but within stock fender lines. Original Lexus center caps will not fit these wheels. The wheel well gap is filled by an extra 13 mm. The speedometer now reads 3% slow. Traveling an actual 60 mph the speedometer reads 58 mph. No fitment issues. No rubbing. Mild appearance upgrade, stiffer/taller 10 ply sidewalls, and improved tire load rating. Lee K. Shuster