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GX470 to GX460 Conversion

The GX470 will accept the GX460 (or 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner) rotor and caliper for the FRONT ONLY. This will allow for a larger (thicker) rotor and prevent some of the strain on the stock brake setup.

The GX470 and GX460 use the same brake pads (front and rear). Rear calipers are also the same between the GX470 and GX460. Rear rotors are differentiated by the rear axles; the inner face of a GX460 rotor is machined differently to accommodate the axle shafts from the 8.2 axle. If you're doing a GX460 brake conversion on a GX470, there is nothing to be changed on the rear brakes. If you do an 8.2 axle swap on a GX470, you will need to install GX460 rear rotors unless you swap the axle shafts with your GX470 parts.

GX 460

460 - Rear brake pad replacement/ [Rear Brake Pads] “New” thickness: 10.0 mm (0.394 in.) / Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.0394 in.) / [Rear Brake Rotors] “New” thickness: 18.0 mm (0.709 in.) Minimum thickness: 16.0 mm (0.630 in.) ClubLexus Link
460 - Front brake pads “New” thickness: 11.3 mm (0.445 in.) and Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.0394 in.) _ FRONT BRAKE ROTORS “New” thickness: 32.0 mm (1.26 in.) / Minimum thickness: 29.0 mm (1.14 in.) ClubLexus Link
460 - Brake bleeding with Techstream ClubLexus Link
460 - Brake fluid flush with pressure bleeder method ClubLexus Link
460 - Brake controller install ClubLexus Link