OEM Parts Sources

Generally speaking part numbers between Lexus and Toyota are interchangeable. Most Lexus parts counters will match prices in some way, some can't match enough to make it worthwhile. Some Toyota dealers will have parts by number, I usually tell them it's for a 4Runner or FJ Cruiser–whatever it could have been on originally. There have been experiences where a Toyota dealer wouldn't sell a part they knew was for a Lexus, but we've only had a few reports of that.

For small OE parts, Partsouq is a great resource in Dubai. The parts are inexpensive and shipping is fast. Try there if you need something small, obscure or for parts from a Land Cruiser Prado. They also publish parts diagrams so you can see what you're getting. For Toyota-crossed parts, Camelback Toyota in Phoenix, AZ is a great resource in the US. Their prices are really good and shipping is relatively reasonable.

Also check Amazon.com. They often have OEM parts with Prime shipping. Searching by part number is the best way to find what you need.

OEM Vehicle Parts

Phone: +1-833-4PARTS1
Email: [email protected]
Location: Worcester, MA
Product Offering: Toyota and Lexus OEM Parts
50% off “Shipping” Promo/Discount Code: GXORFIFTYOFF23
No Sales Tax Charges

=== Bell Lexus North Scottsdale ===
[email protected]

=== Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting ===
Phone: 505-944-5081
Location: Boulder, CO
Product Offering: Full catalog of OEM Toyota Parts
Note: This is “Beno” from IH8MUD and can get almost anything Toyota

=== LexusPartsNow.com (Genuine Parts Giant) === https://www.lexuspartsnow.com
Phone: +18883525786
Location: Roswell, GA
Product Offering: Full catalog of OEM Lexus Parts
Note: BBB rating is one star… proceed with caution.

=== MyLParts.com === http://mylparts.com
Phone: +15038221111
Location: Roseville, CA
Product Offering: Full catalog of OEM Lexus Parts
Note: This site is owned/run by Lexus dealer Lexus of Roseville near Sacramento, CA

=== PartSouq === http://partsouq.com
Phone: +971 6 5446633
Location: Dubai, AE
Product Offering: Full catalog of OEM Lexus Parts + Full Toyota catalog including the Land Cruiser Prado 120
Note: Shipping is extremely fast–two days from Dubai to California. For larger items shipping is expensive.
=== Camelback Toyota === http://parts.camelbacktoyota.com
Phone: +18778408881
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Product Offering: Full catalog of OEM Toyota Parts

=== MegaZip.Net === http://www.megazip.net
Phone: +81345795625
Location: Worldwide Japan/Singapore/USA/UAE/Russia
Product Offering: Lexus, Toyota, and Prado OEM Parts
Note: Order from UAE arrived in about two weeks

=== Discount Parts Monster === http://www.DiscountPartsMonster.com
Phone: +18663704207
Location: Florida, USA
Product Offering: Toyota and Lexus OEM Parts

=== TRD Parts === http://www.TRDParts.com
Phone: Contact only thru their web site
Location: Houston, Texas
Product Offering: Lexus and Toyota OEM Parts

=== JP Genuine at Amazon === http://www.JPGenuine.com
Phone: +18004621128
Location: ??
Product Offering: Toyota and Lexus OEM Parts

=== Motors Head Japan === https://www.parts-sale.jp/
Phone: +81-43-305-4418
Location: Chiba-Shi, Chiba-Ken, JAPAN
Product Offering:** Toyota OEM Parts (Good source if part is also used on 120/150 series Prado)/Inexpensive shipping for small parts too.