Question Answer
I found two vehicles for sale. One with 80,000 miles another with 120,000 miles. Which one should I buy? The one with a better maintenance history (See purchasing for more info)
How do I get the maintenance history of a vehicle? Ask a dealership or look it up on the Lexus Owners site.
What is the largest tire that fits with stock suspension? See Before you ask if X size tire can fit...
I got a CEL with code P1442, the secondary air pump problem. What should I do? Replacing the secondary air pump is usually cost prohibitive ($1000+ USD). Consider the bypass kit from Hewitt Technologies or an aftermarket air pump
When I pull up to a stoplight/sign, after a couple seconds, there is a loud clunk or thump. What is that? This is most likely the drive shaft. For a short term fix, you can “over” grease the drive shaft, but the clunk will return. There is a TSB that specifies new parts to fix this issue