Question Answer
I found two vehicles for sale. One with 80,000 miles another with 120,000 miles. Which one should I buy? The one with a better maintenance history (See purchasing for more info)
How do I get the maintenance history of a vehicle? Ask a dealership or look it up on the Lexus Owners site.
What is the largest tire that fits with stock suspension? See Before you ask if X size tire can fit...
I got a CEL with code P1442, the secondary air pump problem. What should I do? Replacing the secondary air pump is usually cost prohibitive ($1000+ USD). Consider the bypass kit from Hewitt Technologies or an aftermarket air pump
When I pull up to a stoplight/sign, after a couple seconds, there is a loud clunk or thump. What is that? This is most likely the drive shaft. For a short term fix, you can “over” grease the drive shaft, but the clunk will return. There is a TSB that specifies new parts to fix this issue
Can I add Crawl Control and or Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) to my '10+ GX 460? Crawl control and/or MTS can be added to any GX 460 model year or trim. MTS isn't even available in US models in North America except Canada top tier models. More info here.
Is there an extended warranty on the emission related air injection pump system on '10-'13 GX 460s? Yes. Lexus now warranties any failure of the pump or valves for 10 years from first service with unlimited mileage. More info here. If one has a GX 460 past this warranty in the future one can always do Hewitt bypass or repair with relatively inexpensive 3rd party parts. Replacement of these parts is easy for the DIYer. The air pump on the 460 is located in an easy location behind the front right headlight and does not require the major disassembly of engine that the 470 requires.